It’s about time I did a Follow Forever, to honor the cool sick and rad people who put up with me! ehehe, well, I haven’t hit a milestone yet, but I thought my birthday would be a good day to do it~! uwu

These are in no particular order! And, it is clear I can’t really follow these following…

2 days ago my laptop is starting to work again.. and it broke again :’(


I always thought the rings were good for giving lives, and using them like money. I guess I was wrong, haha!


I was sketching crap for palette and body challenge and then… This beauty was born. 

Lumberjack queen, everyone. Hope that Wendy will be more badass in season 2.

#i'm marine


full size/readable chart here

take the mbti test here

i’ve been seeing a lot of mbti charts for series, but there’s no sonic ones!! i attempted matching the relevant characters to types that best fit (which is difficult because a lot of them arguably shared types!). these probably aren’t 100% accurate but it’s for fun!!



I like to imagine that sonic is a bit of a douche like in satAM

Artist: Tomoya Ohtani
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Sonic Colors | Tropical Resort (Act 1)


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Sonic - Tails